Christian J. Plunkett

Consulting Arborist, BCMA

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Mr. Plunkett has 14 years of experience working in the fields of arboriculture and urban forestry. He is a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert (#459), an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (NJ-0853B), and is ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. Mr. Plunkett performs tree risk assessments, appraisals of tree value, and provides expert opinion and litigation support services. His clients include attorneys, insurance adjusters, home owners, and property managers. Mr. Plunkett has been admitted as an expert witness in NJ Courts of Law deciding timber trespass and tree damage cases.

Mr. Plunkett consults on the topics of tree health care and risk management. He performs tree risk assessments, providing clients with the accurate and clear information required to make informed tree risk management decisions on their property. He is also a skilled diagnostician who routinely identifies insect and mite infestations; fungal and bacterial diseases; abiotic disorders; fertility deficiencies; and advises clients as to whether a disorder can be effectively treated, and if so, describes the most appropriate treatment options. Mr. Plunkett advocates an Integrated Pest Management strategy, which may include: pesticide application, soil moisture management, biological soil inoculants, application of plant growth regulators, prescription fertilization or pH adjustment based on soil testing, root collar excavation, identification and removal of girdling roots, and remediation of soil compaction using an Air Spade.

Mr. Plunkett educates clients about the health needs of their trees and advises on general tree health care topics such as irrigation, mulching, proper pruning technique, cabling and bracing systems, and lightning protection.


Mr. Plunkett has cared for trees at Princeton University, The New Jersey Governor's Mansion, Duke Farms (The Doris Duke Estate) in Hillsborough, NJ, and Seward Johnson's Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.

He has served as the Consulting Arborist on multiple NYC infrastructure projects, acting as liaison to the NYC Parks Department, and advisor to the Resident Engineer regarding all matters relating to City trees within the Project limits. He directed all tree preservation and retention activity during construction proactively predicting, analyzing, and mitigating any potential sources of injury to above or below ground tree parts. To this end, Mr. Plunkett coordinated with the Resident Engineer to adjust the placement of planned infrastructure elements to limit potential tree injury or equipment conflicts.

He performed a complete street tree inventory prior to the start of construction activity, documenting all Public trees within the Project limits. Mr. Plunkett ensured that all necessary Parks permits relating to construction near street trees were obtained, renewed, and amended as necessary. He proactively arranged for and directed tree clearance pruning and removal activities minimizing tree conflicts with heavy equipment during construction. Mr. Plunkett supervised and directed all pruning and other contracted tree work to ensure compliance with ANSI A300 Standards, ISA Best Management Practices, and NYC Rules and Regulations governing tree work. He specified details for wood frame protective tree barriers and other protective elements designed to reduce the risk of damage to tree roots, trunks, or branches during construction.

Mr. Plunkett developed and implemented the post-construction tree restitution plans required by NYC Parks when removal of existing street trees is an unavoidable consequence of planned construction activity.


The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
B.S. in Forest Science, Urban Forestry Option (2002)

Certifications & Qualifications

New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert #459
ISA Board Certified Master Arborist #NJ-0853B
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified


American Society of Consulting Arborists
International Society of Arboriculture
New Jersey Society of Certified Tree Experts
New Jersey Shade Tree Federation


• Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care

• Diagnosis of Tree and Landscape Problems

• Insect and Disease Identification

• Tree Risk Assessment and Identification of Hazard Trees

• Tree Preservation and Retention During Construction

• Tree Inventories

• Writing Planting and Care Specifications

• Tree Valuation

• Casualty Appraisals

• Forensic Investigations

• Expert Opinion and Litigation Support

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